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•Morso woodburning stoves are cleanburning •

• Sep 29, 2017 •

All our Morso stoves comply with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Scandinavians are known for their advanced thinking in terms of the enviroment (i.e. they would always avoid using unsustainble heating sources like gas for example and opt for renewable choices like wood). So Morso stoves are cleanburning stoves with extremely low emissions helping you save your heating bills and  the environment.

Products carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel meet extremely high environmental and often climate requirements. A life-cycle perspective of the product is analysed, i.e., the product's impact on the environment from raw material/source to waste. Criteria is also set with regard to quality, health aspects and performance/functionality. 

The Swan checks that products fulfill certain criteria using methods such as samples from independent laboratories, certificates and control visits.

Apart from having a Passiv Haus, wood burning stoves are the greenest option for heating your home - as long as you get a good quality one with the ECO SWAN label.

Most of the harmful particle emissions sadly still stem from cars - as you can see from the map of the King's College website - along main roads and junctions, the air is most harmful and this is where the cars are.