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• May 15, 2019 •

The best of dining outdoors with Morso

The Morso Fire Pot, Ignis and Table top Grill are just a few of the amazing editions to the Morso Living range - quality cast iron giving you a choice of cooking, BBQs and warmth this Summer ...

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• Feb 22, 2018 •

Wood burning stoves - is there to be a ban in cities?

Is there going to be a ban on wood burning stoves in London? The simple answer to this question is "no". There has recently been press about the possibly damaging effects of burning wood on our air quality. We welcome these discussions and have......

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• Sep 29, 2017 •

Morso woodburning stoves are cleanburning

All our Morso stoves comply with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Scandinavians are known for their advanced thinking in terms of the enviroment (i.e. they would always avoid using unsustainble heating sources like gas for example and opt for renewable......

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• Sep 22, 2017 •

Friday Feeling

It's Friday and I am really looking forward to coming home and lighting my beautiful woodburning stove - glass of wine and masterchef, feet up. Don't have a stove? We can help. Not only is Morso the oldest stove manufacturer in the world (which......

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• Sep 4, 2017 •

Chimney Fire Safety Week

Chimney Fire Safety Week was introduced in 2009 and aims to raise awareness of safe chimney use, including the importance of ensuring that chimneys are swept regularly, are clean and appropriate quality fuel is used. The aim of Chimney Fire......

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• Sep 2, 2017 •

Cooking Demo today at Cedar Nursery

On a lovely day like today, why not head down to Cedar Nursery in Cobham,Surrey, KT11 3JX? We love the tranquil and beautiful atmosphere - why not spend the afternoon looking at outdoor living ideas whilst enjoying some......

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• Aug 1, 2017 •

Best Pizza dough

When we are showing off our lovely Forno at food demonstration, people often ask us for our recipe - and here it is ...

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• Jul 24, 2017 •

July and grey skies: British Weather at its best

At the Fire Gallery, we do not mind: we think the glass if half full and take this opportunity to get our lovely Morso 7943 going. None of that Monday Feeling for us!  ...

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• Jul 19, 2017 •

Quality family time over the Summer holidays

Summer holidays are upon us - and what better opportunity is there to spend time with your kids - no homework pressure, no revision pressure. How do I lure them outside, away from their screens I hear you say? Easy. The FORNO will ensure that your......

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• Jun 23, 2017 •

Fire Gallery making pizzas with the children of Collis Teddington

Fire Gallery is looking forward to making pizzas with everyone at Collis. All proceeds to go to Collis PTA for the Collis kids. You can't get more Hygge than that! http://www.collis.richmond.sch... ...

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